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Bradley Carpet Cleaning is a high quality carpet cleaning service based in Chandler, AZ.  Our focus is to deliver the best service possible using powerful truck mount equipment and high quality products.  We have competitive pricing and provide a premium service. 

Our carpet cleaning is done by a truck mounted hot water extraction unit. This is the preferred method of most major carpet manufacturers.


We have several options available to fit your needs and budget.

Our cleaning process.

  • Pre inspect carpet with the homeowner to note any trouble areas.
  • Vacuum to removal any dry soils. 
  • Pre Spray - we apply a preconditioning product to suspend soils.
  • Agitation - we agitate the pre spray to aid with soil suspension.
  • Extraction - neutralize and extract the solids in your carpet
  • Groom carpets.

We only use high quality products and neutralizing agents as part of our process. Common practice in the carpet cleaning industry in to use extremely high PH cleaners that many strip the stain resistant characteristic of your carpet.  With our Rotary Extraction tool this is not necessary to achieve superior results.  Although foot traffic will also remove the carpet protection and should be reapplied approximately every 3rd cleaning.

We also utilize a tool called a Roto Vac 360.  This is a Rotary Extraction tool capable of cleaning traffic lanes that a wand alone cannot.  I've been in many homes where the customer informs me that either the entry way or the area in front of the couch never comes all the way clean, in most situations, the Roto Vac removes the soiling completely.  Better than 90% of our business has been cleaning light tan to white carpets, with phenomenal results.  Without this tool,  these results would not be possible. 


Underside for the Rotovac carpet cleaning headThe Roto Vac 360 is a rotary extraction tool.  Where most carpet cleaners use only a manual wand (this was high tech 40 years ago), the rotovac has 3 jets and 3 vacuum chambers rotating up to 250 times per minute. The carpet fibers are being sprayed from all directions, rather than just a forward and backward stroke of a wand. This process powers through the traffic areas that many cleaners cannot remove. 

Rotovac 360With a traditional wand, each area gets a couple of strokes per area. The Rotovac makes up to 750 strokes per minute.

Rotovac restoring carpet.

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